Electric Lady

The band was established in summer of 2011 by four founding members - Joe, Jane (alias LaRisa), Vladimir and Julius as a tribute to the bigest rock band of all times - Led Zeppelin. The fifth member - Ludo, joined the band in autumn 2011. Yet it is not our goal to reproduce and imitate the exact playing style of the original band.

The name "Electric Lady" refers to the recording studio in New York, established by Jimmi Hendrix in 1968. Besides many blues legend (Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin) also Led Zeppelin recorder their albums here (1970 - 1976).

Electric Lady wants to remind the audience of unforgettable Led Zeppelin´s spirit and tone, which made the band so unique. The combination of legendary songs, more rock-like style and woman lead vocals forms a band you certailny want to hear ;).


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