Artist description

Future, also known as as Future Hendrix, Astronaut Kid and Super Future, is a songwriter and music artist that can both rap and sing. He was born with the name Nayvadius Wilburn in Atlanta, Georgia on November 20th, 1983, but that name has now been legally changed to Nayvadius Cash.

The Astronaut Kid inked a deal with L.A. Reid in September, 2011 by signing a contract with Epic Records. He is also affiliated with A1 Recordings, a record label founded by Rocko, and is the founder of his own label called Freebandz Entertainment aka F.B.G. (Free Band Gang/Global). More information on Future’s label and the artists affiliated can be found here.

His stage name came about after some of the members from the Dungeon Family kept calling him “The Future”. They also nicknamed him “Meathead”, but of course he was going to go with the name “Future” over “Meathead”. The Dungeon Family were also a big influence to Future as he learned a lot from them while he watched them work in the studio. One of Future’s cousins, Rico Wade, who is a producer and the founder of the Dungeon Family, was the main person that helped the Astronaut Kid start writing and choose a career path in rap.

Future’s start in the music industry was from his songwriting. The first big music artist to pay attention to the Astronaut Kid was Ludacris back in 2004 after he gave him the hook for “Blueberry Yum Yum“, which is a song that can be found on Luda’s The Red Light District album.

His songwriting work finally made it’s way mainstream in 2011 when YC’s “Racks” single was released. The record was penned by Future and also featured him as an artist. It even had major artists such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Nelly remixing the song. From the day “Racks” was released to today, it has been purchased over 500,000 times making it certified Gold.

Capitalizing off this buzz, Future started to drop mixtape after mixtape including a collaboration project with Gucci Mane called Free Bricks. On April 13th, 2012, Future released his debut studio album titled Pluto. It included collaborations with Drake on “Tony Montana“, R. Kelly on “Parachute“, Snoop Dogg on “Homicide“, T.I. on “Magic“, Juicy J on “I’m Trippin’“, and Trae Tha Truth on “Long Live The Pimp“.

In the same year Future put out his Pluto album, he also decided to repackage the album and re-release it on November 27th. He called it Pluto 3D, because it included three brand new songs. It also featured two new remixes that he ending up shooting music videos for – “Same Damn Time (Remix)” featuring Diddy and Ludacris, and “Neva End (Remix)” featuring Kelly Rowland.

Another big achievement Future accomplished in 2012 was writing and producing Rihanna’s “Loveeeeeee Song“, a record that also featured him singing on the hook and bridge. This song appeared on Rihanna’s seventh studio album, Unapologetic. The track was originally going to be called “Love & Affection“, but it was Rihanna’s mentor Jay-Z who changed it to “Loveeeeeee Song“, which is another big look for the Astronaut Kid!

In early 2013, Future dropped a mixtape to showcase his Freebandz artists called F.B.G.: The Movie. A year later on April 22nd, he put out his second studio album titled Honest. The project, which sold 48,791 copies in the first week, featured appearances from Pusha T, Pharrell, Casino, Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Kanye West, Young Scooter, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne.

The Astronaut Kid dropped 3 mixtapes after his Honest album, which were called Monster, Beast Mode, and 56 Nights. In July, 2015, Future then released his third studio album, DS2, after just 1 week of notice. It was a sequel to his 2011 mixtape, Dirty Sprite, and it was his first No. 1 album on Billboard with 121,000 sales in the first week!