Informatie over de artiest

Gerardo Roschini is one of the new masters of Italian Hardstyle. Working hard in his studio, his productions are in every djs case. Producing under many names as: Supaboyz, Smashing Guys, Ironblood and Machinehead, his biggest hit was Zairon I an Techno. This dancefloor killer is still popular and stand for everything Dj Zatox is: a partyfreak!!
Thos producer and dj from 1998 for the well-known italian label Wicked / Ipnotika, became artist of the famous Dutch label Scantraxx Records, making a 3 tracks e.p. (Supaboyz). Now his sounds are ruling all over the scene.
Zatox pumped his sounds in big clubs in The Netherlands, Germany, U.K. and France.
Watch out for this future new star, his bass will be loud an heavy!!