Informatie over de artiest

Born in 1997, with roots stretching back deep down in East Africa, RIMON makes it quite clear what she's here to do. Wether it be through song, dance or words whispered; the 20-year old is about empowering and inspiring. Still searching for her own path in life, but extremely confident. RIMON knows exactly where she comes from and where she is heading.

When listening to RIMON, the first word that comes to mind is 'balance'. The balance between spiritual and sensual. The balance between extrovert and introvert. The balance between abstract and accessible.

'Grace' is RIMONs first single and video. The production of the song and video are grand, but intimate at the same time, thus creating a beautiful ensemble that portrays RIMON as she is: exuberant, but modest and always true to herself.

In 2018, RIMON will start ramping up on releases, 'Grace' being the first - but certainly not the last.