King Willy Will

King Willy Will
King Willy Will


Will Rendle has spent the last 14 years touring the world as the lead singer and ringleader of wild cult rockers, Will and The People.

An effortlessly prolific songwriter, who swings about commenting in his unique manner on the world as he sees it.

This band have been to hell and back with their artistic and creative struggles, somehow they have done it willingly. This shows in the beautiful effervescence of songs like "Gigantic" and new upcoming single "Falling Down" ... With Will ...there's always a sense of hope and joy surrounding him,

Woven together with an air of light hearted humour and at times fragility that becomes endearing Will can work a crowd and when he's on his own the dynamics are different to that of Will and The People.

Yet he still retains that ability to charm and surprise, dynamically taking the listener from electrifying silence to beating his guitar up and screaming his thoughts ... always different, always charming, never boring.

Wills raspy, yet pure and whimsical tenor, carries and attaches itself to the listener, delivering the songs in a beautiful manner..

Songs I've heard before, like “Troubled Pro”, “Misunderstood”, “Lion in the morning Sun”,  “Fuck yesterday” and “Salamander” sound different, but, they just work so well, as Will fills Hammersmith Apollo's rafters alone on the stage, I can't help but think this is how these songs are meant to be played and heard.

I've seen the band countless times, and this is something different, something special, something truly candid. A songwriter and a guitar, somehow still so youthful, effortlessly spilling his mind to a surprisingly adoring crowd (considering only a small portion of them know who he is).

At times like this I'm happy I became a music journalist. I have always been a fan of Will and the People, and Will himself, the edgy, catchy charm he brings is hard to avoid to say the least, but, I may well be even more of a fan of King Willy will... I feel like I've just seen something that I may never see again. I wonder if he will be running around after the show stealing peoples hats and pouring pints for people, like the last time I saw him? I hope so, but if not, I certainly won't feel let down, this has been a special surprise  :)


James Brackle-Smith - Culture Velocity Magazine - Hammersmith Apollo 2023