About us

Mamboe Productions

Mamboe Productions is an (inter) national Artists Bookings Agency / Event Agency, belonging to the top in the Netherlands in the field of event organization. We have achieved this position by taking care of the concept development and implementation of remarkable events, concerts and fairs since 2005.
It concerns events of 50 to 45,000 visitors, public or for guests of leading companies, at home and abroad.
Through years of experience and empathy, in combination with constantly innovative trends and ideas, we are experienced as an inspiring discussion partner and a decisive organizer. Mamboe Productions. provides excellent project management and takes responsibility for the overall coordination of the event.

Mamboe Productions supports in:
- Artist Handling
- Programming
- Production
- Internship Management

Mamboe Productions also takes care of the Tour management of some artists.

Transparent working method of Mamboe Productions:

Mamboe Productions does not organize standard events! Based on your wishes, we develop a custom-made event based on the reinforcing effect of six success factors. Mamboe Productions distinguishes itself through its clear method and clear guarantees to its clients.

The working method of Mamboe Productions has six phases:

1. Introduction
2. Development of a creative concept, programming of artists' line-ups
3. Detailed plan and scenario, including cost estimate
4. Pre-production (including invitation process, sponsorship and media support)
5. Execution of the event, or the production as well as the artist handling
6. Follow-up and evaluation

The first two phases of our method are entirely without obligation.

As an Event Agency we offer you the following guarantees:

- A surprising and creative translation of your event or assignment.
- Clear communication and good coordination about implementation and progress.
- You have our total service package.