DJ Daani

DJ Daani
DJ Daani

Artist description

Daani, Born in the Netherlands with the natural rhythm of music. Daani developed into a versatile DJ with different original styles and fast changeovers.
She has a wide taste in good music and experiments with it during her set.
Daani is an artist, who brings happiness into the crowd. She makes everybody smile and spreads her energy.

In 2013 Daani was one of the finalists in the BNN program Beauty and the Beat. This was a competition with only female DJ's. They showed their mixing skills and their taste of music.

Right now she is busy working in the studio on her first productions and releases. Two tracks are coming out this summer. You can enjoy her skills in several festivals, also international.
Her dream is to conquer the world with her fast mixing skills and her big upcoming releases.

'Music is the core of who I am' Hear me. Feel me. Love me! X Daani